BIZINIX™ Creates Site to Track Power Outage

26-Jul-2018 | Staff Writer

BIZINIX™ founder and Woodford County resident Tim Schreiber created a site to track power restoration after severe weather knocked out power to most of Woodford County, Kentucky

As days passed with no power and little information from the utility company, residents took to social media to report which neighborhoods' power had been restored. The problem was finding it across all the many posts.

Mr. Schreiber figured it was a problem he could solve, so using the last of his laptop battery and his phone's internet connection, he coded the Woodford Power Map by candlelight. The mobile-first website was a crowdsourced solution for residents to report their power status and see where power had been restored.

"When I created it, I thought that maybe some people might find it useful," said Mr. Schreiber, "but I had no idea how popular it would be. It hadn't even been 12 hours by the time the traffic load broke the site." Because the site was built on Microsoft Azure services, it was easily scaled up to support the higher than expected load.

The site has served its intended purpose and is now offline, but a screenshot is available below: